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Beginners Boot Camp Fitness Class

$30 a month. New classes start every 3 months. You can drop in for only $3 per class if there is room.
This class is ideal for those who are obese, have never worked out, have not worked out for years and for those that have tried our regular boot camp classes but think the regular boot camp classes are too challenging for them. We start this class at a very beginner level with non impact/very light cardio drills and with your own body weight. We gradually increase the intensity of the class. By end of your 3 months most of our beginners are ready for our regular boot camp classes. You can enroll in as many beginner classes as you wish.


$3 per class. Pay as you go or $30 Mo.



$10 per session to try if we have room

All personal training must be prepaid. No refunds/no rescheduling if you don't show up. 12 hour notice required to reschedule or to credit for the following month.

Monthly Rates

$80 per month to train twice a week.
$100 per mo. to train 2 x a week and unlimited boot camp classes.

$120 per mo. to train 3 times a week w/FREE Classes

$160 per mo to train 4 times a week w/FREE unlimited classes